Apartment Storage Solutions: Tips & Tricks

Can one achieve the same storage solutions in an apartment as in a single family home? Absolutely!  You just have to get creative!  Now a days, you can turn just about any nook or corner into storage space with so many options.  Utilizing storage cubes as pictured below not only create storage but also adds texture and division to your space.

Apartment Storage 1

Also, think outside the box…utilizing otherwise dead space under beds can provide a load of extra storage for items such a shoes, out of season clothes or low profile items not used on a regular basis.



Let us not forget about the floor area of closets.  Inexpensive shelving for shoe storage!

Apartment Storage 4

So many areas go over looked and underutilized when it comes to storage. Take for instance the back sides of doors and cabinets.  Over the door storage units as pictured below can create a tidy bathroom and mega shoe & purse storage.



Submitted by: Bonnie M., Office Manager

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